What is pleasure Aristotle claims?  Aristotle says that pleasure is the result of an action.  Meaning that pleasure is an end.  Pleasure he claims is not a process in any way.  Pleasure is not a prolonged feeling either; once the activity that brings pleasure becomes boring pleasure ceases to come from that activity.  Overall, Aristotle claims that pleasure is an aim of life; that pleasure completes life.

But, he claims that life is choice worthy.  How would life be choice worthy?    whether we choose life because of pleasure or choose pleasure because we are alive does it really matter?  Life, at least to me, is not choice worth.  We are all born into this world: not a choice.  We all grow up: not a choice.  We all die: not a choice.  The only instance in which life is choice worthy is suicide.  Is Aristotle claiming then that if we do not find pleasure that our only option is suicide since these two beliefs are intertwined and only come form the other?

This argument confused me because it is cyclical and contradicts itself.  The idea of pleasure is still unclear.