In Aristotle’s Book X, Chapter 4, it begins by explaining what pleasure is. Then Aristotle says that pleasure completes an activity. This interests me because I have never thought of pleasure as something that completes another thing. I never knew that pleasure could be defined in that sort of way.

Aristotle brings up faculty of perception which is active in relation to its perceptible object. The best activity is of the subject in the best condition in relation to the best object of the faculty. This means to have the most pleasure, the activity most be related to the best object of the faculty. Pleasure completes this activity but it does not mean the perceptible object and the faculty of perception are completed though. New things might interest us from the start but begin to lose its charm because we start to look at it closely. Aristotle also writes that pleasure is what completes life and that is why we all desire it.

This passage caught my attention because it explains why we are pleasured. It shows that when we complete an activity we acquire pleasure. This also explained to me why we can not always be in a pleasure state because we are never continuously active all the time.