Aristotle discusses also friendship in Nichomachean Ethics. He says that there are 3 different types of friendships. This part especially interested me because I have seen the 3 different types in real life. The first type of friendship is based on utility and the benefits that the people in the friendship get from each other. The second type is based on pleasure and the other people’s pleasant qualities. Both of the two first types of friendship are often considered short term. The third and most long lasting type of friendship is one based on goodness, the people in the friendship do things for each others sake.

The reason I chose to post about this topic is because I am interested in the different types of friendship and how I have seen examples of all of them, especially in college. Friendship based on utility here reminds me of people who become friends when they are in class with each other and just become friends to communicate about homework or to study together. The second type of friendship is shown a lot in the first few weeks of school when people become friends with people who are simply funny, nice, or pretty, just because they don’t really know other people in college yet. The third type of friendship is shown when people finally find true friends who make them happy and they aren’t just friends with for their pleasing qualities.