In this weeks reading for Nicomachean Ethics I found the definition of friendship the most interesting part of the reading because of his use of the word “goodwill”.  The definition of friendship to Aristotle is: “Friendship consists of a mutual feeling of goodwill between two people.”  When I think of the term goodwill, I feel like it means giving back to a person.  I feel like friendship is more than giving back to someone, I feel like it shows a compassion and an interest that you have in knowing another person.  I think that there is a sense of goodwill in a friendship but that is not the most important component to a friendship.

I think the general idea of Aristotle’s definition is that two people are gaining from a relationship from each other.  This lead me to ponder the following questions:

Are there different types of friendships?

How does Aristotle think of relationships in general?

When do you officially become friends?