In Aristotle’s Book X, chapter 6, he summarizes his past discussions on virtue, friendship and pleasure ultimately leading to the concept of happiness. This summary that Aristotle provided provided me with clarity on all of his previously discusses topics. Most of the information he provided I was familiar with but one particular part of his summary stuck out to me. He states “Relaxation, then, is not <the> end, since we pursue it <to prepare> for activity” (439).

Aristotle believes that hard work is not completed for the goal of amusement. Rather, he believes that we amuse ourselves in order to complete something serious. We can’t continuously work without relaxation. Relaxation is required.

To me relaxation is something very important in life. I agree with Aristotle’s belief that in order to do work relaxation is necessary. For example, I can’t just study for a test eight hours straight. If I take breaks in between studying and watch TV or rest I will be able to go back and study. Periods of relaxation make work doable. I also agree that relaxation is not the end goal. Rather, relaxation is something that helps us reach an end. Relaxation, something that amuses people, allows us to toil.