Last weekend our class took a trip  to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra played Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” a concerto I was unexpectedly familiar with. The maestro was more pleasant than I expected, incorporating humor into her spiel about Vivaldi and his compositions. I learned a lot from the concert and found myself fascinated by the atmosphere of the theater and the effect the music had on me.

The Four Seasons is composite of four concerti, each one musically expressing a different season of the year. Vivaldi not only composed these four carefully layered pieces based upon his take of the seasons, but he also wrote four corresponding sonnets. The maestro set the backdrop of each piece, reading snippets of the sonnets and previewing the pieces so that the audience could better appreciate them.

I was pleased to find that I was familiar with some of Vivaldi’s concerti. The most familiar to me were Spring and Winter, but parts of the others resonated with me as well. I was surprised at how enthralled I was with the concert in general. The music had a very calming effect on me and I enjoyed The Four Seasons in their entirety. My enjoyment of the symphony was mildly unexpected but I am glad that I had the opportunity to realize my appreciation for the orchestra. I would gladly revisit the BSO and I hope to return soon.