The trip to the symphony was my first experience at a professional concert hall. As imagined it would not look like The Stone Pony among other concert venues that I normally attend. None the less I was impressed by the hall itself as it resembled the galactic senate from star wars however I found that if you were over the height of 5’7″ your legs were constricted by the seat in front of you. Comfort aside, I was also surprised to know that I was actually familiar with the music being played. It was the jingle played as you called someone who had Verizon instead of hearing the dull dial of the phone. My main focus of attention was on the violinist Jonathan Carney who had unbelievable skill and tune. He drew the attention of the hall to his single violin and delivered with ease. If he was not playing with a sort of rhythmic seizure movement during the performance I’m not sure my attention span would have outlasted the first season. While his interesting back and forth movements kept my eyes fixated during the performance, I still found it difficult to actually watch the performers play. In my head, it seemed better to close my eyes and listen. I couldn’t tell you why or how it was better but it was nonetheless. The stillness of the theatre in comparison to the body of the music was confusing for my eyes so it felt better to eliminate one sense from the experience. My overall impression, it was ok. I have never claimed to be a classical music enthusiast nor will I ever but I am able to appreciate talent and art when I see it. All of the performers were excellent and I would never argue that they were bad, just that it wasn’t for me. Would I go back? Most likely not, not for the lack of performance, more for the lack of interest I possess over that facet of sound.