On this book, Aristotle discusses the different kinds of bravery. He guides us and explain to us what the brave person don’t fear and he compare that person with the normal human being. He explains what that person really fear. Aristotle explains what are the extremes, how we call them and how can we describe that people.

The mean is the courage and the brave person. For example the fearless person, we call the brave. On the book, Aristotle mention and talk about what we fear clearly are what id frightening us. We speak of those things without qualification. We all fear bad things, but they are not the concern to the brave person. The brave person is fearless of poverty or sickness. Because what is frightening and also what is inspires us confidence is different for the brave man, therefore, is not the same for everyone. The brave person will only fear of things that are irresistible like death. But there are three extremes. The first one is the excessively fearless person which have no name. But we know that he is some sort of madman. The second person is the accessible confident about frightening things, this is the rash person. The last one is the person who is excessively afraid. This person is a coward and fears for the wrong things.

At first I didn’t understand what Aristotle was talking about but at the end I was able to understand everything. I think that Aristotle is right about how we call people because of they fear or not fear. I will position myself in the category of brave. Because like Aristotle say he is not the concern of bad things like for example, bad reputation or friendless.