Aristotle says that virtue is all about feelings and action. I think that this statement holds a lot of gravity within its claim.

The reason that this assertion stuck out to me is because it makes such logical sense. When you think about virtue is all about having feelings or emotions, and then deciding whether or not to act upon them. These feelings propel us to decide one way or the other. They also encourage conclusive action and whether or not it is acted upon. This assertion is a fact that has come to define the way we define virtue and the way in which we as human beings act upon that virtue. All actions are driven by feelings whether those feelings be voluntary or involuntary. While they are looked at differently depending on if they are voluntary, they both still originate from the same source of emotion and action.

Virtue is an act that can only arise from true emotion. These emotions lead to actions which are the conclusive outcome of virtuous actions. Voluntary actions are looked at as wrong while involuntary actions are usually accepted much more. But in the end, whether voluntary or involuntary, all actions originate from the same source.