In the passage Homer identifies the Homeric Hero. This type of hero contrasts our idea of what a hero is today. In my opinion, a hero is defined as one who sacrifices everything at all cost for the sake of others. Someone who understands what it is to be selfless, brave, trustworthy, and righteous in all actions is what a hero should be seen and known as in todays standards. What was interesting to me in the passage was the difference between the Homeric hero and modern day hero. The contrast was more prominent regarding the morals of the differentiating ideas of hero.

The Homeric Hero is much less selfless according to Homer Description. Homer gives examples of why the hero practices the good. For example, Hector goes to fight achilles in the name of honor and not for love or out of selflessness. In Homers time the Hero is defined as someone who seeks all honor and seeks the benefits of others but they are always secondary to the benefits and needs of the Homeric hero. The focus is mainly on status and power rather than sacrifice and the selfless or unconditional love that comes with being a true hero.