Over this past weekend, I went to my first symphony at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall to listen to “Off the Cuff: A season of Vivaldi” performed by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Even though I had no idea what to expect, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and experience.

I thought that the introduction of the symphony was very helpful, informative, and set an upright mood, because I didn’t know the background of Vivaldi or any of his music before I attended the symphony. The conductor of the symphony used great imagery to describe the different Vivaldi songs, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, which made it easier for everyone to comprehend what the music meant and consisted of. The first song played by the orchestra was spring, which is one of Vivaldi’s most famous music and I recognized it right away. Spring was my favorite song that was played by the orchestra because of the fluent, calm, and relaxing sound it gave.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the symphony and thought it was a great experience. The conductor made the experience more entertaining and helped when she explained Vivaldi’s background life and the meaning of the music that was played by the orchestra.