The Four Seasons of Vivaldi, performed by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, was the first symphony that I had gone to in United States. I was worried that it will be a long performance but I ended up loving the time at the symphony because of the familiar music and humorous interpretation.

The symphony started with an introduction of Vivaldi’s point on each season, following thorough analysis of each tune to a particular sound. At first, when she explained each melody, I did not quite get where she was going with it. But when I heard the full melody of each season, I was very engaged because I heard those somewhere else. Although I did not know that it was Vivaldi, it was a familiar tune to my ears. Also, the chattering of teeth, dog barking and the thunders in summer were all an extremely funny interpretation. The woman was able to express those in a humorous yet sarcastic tone.

In addition, the violinist as a soloist was particularly interesting and engaging for me because I had played violin from my 1st grade. It kind of reminded me of the time when I first played violin and triggered my inner desire to play violin again. Moreover, I was able to learn about a composer named Vivaldi who composed the songs that were familiar to most people. Also, I learnt about the culture in an orchestra. The environment was calm yet poised and in elegant yet sophisticated mood. This experience made me to have a further interest in going to another symphony at BSO.