In Ethics, Aristotle makes a claim that virtues are developed by nature but we acquire them by nature and develop them through habituation. This claim was interesting because it had a strong connection to my current problem.

Aristotle states, “The virtues arise in us neither by nature nor against nature. Rather, we are by nature able to acquire them, and reach our complete perfection through habit” (366). To acquire happiness, we need both intellectual knowledge and virtue of character but we also need to take those into action. It requires more than studying of intellectual knowledge but the right amount of habituation. Legislators enforce people to do the right thing and doing what is right becomes a habit. Through habituation, human can move from vicious (taking pleasure from acting bad) to virtuous (taking pleasure from acting right), incontinent and continent in between.

This seems to be similar to my current worries and problem. I know what is right and what is wrong but I do not take action. We also know that doing what is right continuously will change it into a habit rather than an obligation. For example, we know that procrastination is bad and planning ahead on what to do will decrease it but we just don’t take that action to start early. The knowledge is important but also the action and the habit is important.