In the lecture, “Beyond the Double Bind” given by Kathleen Hall Jamieson, spoke mainly about women’s rights and how women should be treated equally as men. Women’s rights are still an issue in today’s world, such as Hilary Clinton running for president.

In the first bind, known as the uterus/brain, it is believed that since women can carry a baby, they aren’t allowed to have intellectual pursuits. This statement is extremely incorrect; women should be able to pursue in anything they enjoy and love to do. The second bind is femininity, in which women are superior in this sphere. Hilary Clinton was accused of being a lesbian and divorcing her husband, therefore people thought she should give up her position. She was also referred to as being “a man” because of how tough she is from dealing with negative comments from everyone.

In the last bind, known as aging, Hilary Clinton was accused of being a “grandmother” due to her age, in which people assumed that she should give up her public office because of that. Even though Hilary Clinton is older, she is not the oldest person running for president, which isn’t right as to why she gets targeted.