I greatly enjoyed the “Off the Cuff: A Season of Vivaldi” performance at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. I really liked how the conductor read parts of the poem which were full of imagery and then the orchestra played just that line. I was able to picture what Vivaldi was describing in my head. He was wonderful at translating the senses from a poem into music. The muscians were wonderful as well. I could not imagine doing what they do. I was captivated at how the bows of the violins all moved at the same time and amazed at the talent each one of them possessed.

My favorite season of Vivaldi was Spring. I know it is probably the most wildly know, but that is part of why it was my favorite. I had heard Spring before as I’m sure most people had but for me, it was a new encounter with the same music. I had no idea that the composition also had a poem to go along with it. I was fascinated by the idea of that and listened closely as the conductor read each line of the poem and then to the musicians performed just that line. I closed my eyes while the performers played; I was able to take the music and picture, for example, the birds singing Vivaldi’s music. I loved the storm that came through as well, as it came as such a surprise.