I was not really that excited to see the Clybourne Park play on Sunday, since I thought it cut off my lazy day and my homework day. However, I did get there early and stayed throughout the whole play and it changed my mind. I ended up liking the play more than I thought I would and it was not as long as I thought it would be. I thought that when I went that I would fall asleep during the play, but it was the complete opposite. The actors did a great job portraying the emotions in the play and they did a great job interpreting the book and its message. The play was divided into two parts. The first part I enjoyed better since I understood it most than the first one. The second should have had like an intro part to it, like to say that they were going to change the time. Since they did not do that, I was a little bit lost and then I was able to catch up what was really going on in the play. It was enjoyable, but not as the first part was. Overall, the whole play in my opinion was a success and worth it to watch.