During the summer when I read the book I liked it, but it did not play out in my head very well.  When we went to go see the play it came to life.  Reading the words and seeing it acted out were completely different experiences.  They live production have more emotion and realness.  It brought to life the issues that our society struggled with in the past and continues to in the present.

I thought that this play was the perfect book to have the freshmen read because it highlights some of the issues that are occurring or occurred in our new home: Baltimore.  Due to the recent events that happened prior to us coming to Loyola, having the freshmen class read and watch “Clybourne Park” illustrated the reasons behind the violence and rioting that occurred in the city.  Though Loyola wasn’t affected or involved in any part of the occurrences, we have a duty to ourselves and to society to understand these issues and find a way as bright new minds to over come these issues, and as jesuit students learn to respect and accept all of God’s creations.

“Clybourne Park” illuminated the issues that we as students and a student body need to try to solve.