Suggesting that every human has their own “human function” is an interesting claim made by Aristotle. I believe that his assertion is meant to account for the person that each individual has the ability to fulfill within their lives.

I found this claim to be one that many people can relate to. Everyone feels as though they have a certain function that they can accomplish within life. Whether you categorized that as your dreams, your goals, or your passions, we all have functions that we can fulfill. There are people who want to be Lawyers. There are those that aspire to be doctors. There are even some who venture out to become actors. The reason that certain individuals decide to do these things is because it is their function and they are compelled by some outside force to pursue these things for the sake of their happiness.

In the end, happiness is where all human functions should lead to. Without happiness, it can be hard to comprehend the true value of life. That is the reason why I find this assertion to be so compelling. It is an ideal that I can truly relate to. Everyone aspires to fulfill their function achieve their dreams.