I attended a talk by a man named Mike Fernandez a few weeks ago. Going into the talk I did not know much about Mr. Fernandez. All I knew was that he was a successful business man. I had no idea that this man’s life story would inspire and amaze me. Mike Fernandez was forced out of his country in Cuba with his family and ended up in the United States. It was not an easy journey, but him and his family made it together. Once here he worked to put himself through high school and was able to graduate and go to college. Once in college he struggled and eventually decided to leave school and begin to work. He worked for a while and struggled to survive in a demanding world. He took no short cuts and did not give in when the going got tough. He was persistent and determined to be somebody. If not for himself, he was determined to be successful because his parents had worked too hard and sacrificed too much for him to end up nowhere. To cut a long story short, Mr. Fernandez was able to build his business and create a very lucrative career for himself. His net worth is approximately 200 million today. Mr. Fernandez is also a philanthropist in every sense of the word. He has donated over 100 million dollars to charities and charitable foundations.

Mike Fernandez embodies the kind of man that I want to be in the future. I want to be a successful business man. My definition of success is having enough means to be able to live comfortably with my family and still have enough to give back to those who have helped me along the journey and those who do not have all of the same opportunities that I do. In that way I can help them to either make their life into something better or enjoy the life that they are living now. I also want to be a kind and humble person who makes a honest living and people know and appreciate my kindness. That is the kind of man Mike Fernandez is and that is the kind of man that I want to be.