I really enjoyed Loyola’s production of Clybourne Park. The cast did a very good job of portraying the characters form the story. I really liked seeing it presented visually because it was easier to follow along – especially with different conversations going on at different points.

I thought that the play did a very good job of recreating the two scenes and capturing the theme and tone of the story. The play heightened my understand of the story greatly. My favorite scene of the play was the second one. The second scene is very relatable currently – introducing the idea of stereotypes and introducing the idea of actually starting to talk about racism and stereotypes.

The actors for Jim and Lena. In the play they seem to both be the antagonist of the story. They create the sort of tension that needs to be discussed. In the first act Jim has a sort of attitude the is palpable to everyone in the room, and eventually Jim begins to say the things really on his mind. In the second act, Lena really creates the tension when she urges everyone tell their racist jokes and such. Lena confronts the elephant in the room and brings up the discussion of race.

I am glad I had the chance to see Clybourne Park acted out; it gave me an opportunity to see my first Loyola drama and I gained a greater understanding the play as a whole and the message it is delivering.