Clybourne Park in action was much more interesting for me than reading the play in text. When reading the play I found myself confused about the attitude and the tensions between characters. Seeing the actors act out the emotion of the characters really brought the play alive to me. I was able to understand the true meanings behind some of the scenes and actions in the play. The way I pictured some of the scenes in my head while reading was totally different from the way I saw them depicted in the play. One scene that was especially interesting to me was when Lena brought up the topic of the historical relevance of the home. When I read it I did not really sense the concerned and feisty attitude that she held about the whole thing. In the play her frustrations were apparent and her concern became real to the viewers and the other characters in the play.

This was the first time that I had the chance to witness the enactment of a play that I had previously read. I loved the experience because it showed me how different the two experiences are. It actually reminds me of a similar situation where you read a novel then see the movie. The book and the movie are seldom very similar. Most people either love the movie and hate the book or love the book and hate the movie. I have had this experience a couple times and each time I enjoyed the book so much better. Nevertheless, I continue to seek out the movies of books I have read because it is very interesting to see how the images you made in your head compares to the way the director and actors of a motion picture depict them. With Clybourne Park it was actually the opposite experience for me. I enjoyed the play so much more than the book. At the end of it all I was grateful to have gotten this experience.