One particular passage that I found to be interesting from the assigned reading was early on when Aristotle is talking about happiness. Before coming across the reading, I never put too much thought into the idea of happiness and what it means. The way I feel about it is that it is such a vague term and can’t have just one definition. World wide, different things make different people happy, so to say that happiness is only one thing sounds silly to me.

As I mentioned before, a majority of the reading early on is about what Aristotle thinks about happiness. What really caught my eye was when he said how many people think that happiness is such a obvious and evident thing. He writes, “For the many think it is something obvious and evident–for instance, pleasure, wealth or honor…”(350). I never really realized how true this actually was. A lot of people today see the only way to achieve happiness is by being wealthy. I completely agree in that people think of wealth immediately when hearing happiness, but I think it’s a sad truth.

Happiness, as I said before, is different for everyone. Wealth and honor aren’t what always brings the most pleasure to people. Some people get pleasure from the smaller things, not so much monetary. The reason this caught my attention because when I hear happiness, I always think of things involving money, and I realize my outlook on the subject wasn’t fair and incorrect.