I found this reading from Aristotle to be more interesting than any before. It’s a topic that relates more to human beings and life, which is clearly more relatable. I found Aristotle’s views and definition of happiness and the good to be interesting. Aristotle defines happiness as the good and the good is defined as the good thing which makes everything else good. For most people the good is living and doing well. I believe that’s true because if everything works together than a person will be living and doing well.

The doing well would refer to a persons activity and fulfilling their best activity and doing exceptionally well in it, which would constitute them living well. Aristotle says that a person may have multiple good activities but one that is their best, which will be displayed and be their ultimate activity. Because they will be good at this activity, a person will like this activity and they will be doing well, and because they will do well at it, they will live well because of it. But finding the best virtue is why we must live a complete life, because virtues need time to develop until they reach their fullness.

I also liked Aristotle’s view of having or doing good virtue. If you posses it but fail to use it and do anything with it there’s no point in possessing the good virtue. However, if you do good virtue, you ultimately posses good virtue and are using your good virtue to do good, which is ultimately better than just having good virtue.