While being an active member in the audience of Clybourne park, I felt like the book gave me a great background of the storyline that led me to further understanding that I found in the play.  One scene in particular that I found very profound was the end of the play when the son of the couple that lives in the house comes downstairs dressed in his military apparel.  I felt like this stuck to me and helped me come to a better conclusion of the story.  This scene takes place after both generations of the house have lived in it, the original family and then the modern family.  The connection to both of those families was the house that they lived in, but as time went on their social environments had changed and I thought that it was very interesting that the last scene of the play closed with very little lighting, and heavy focus on a character that did not appear much in the play.  He is only seen twice: one time writing a letter, and the other time he is walking down the stairs.  However, the son was the reason that the modern family had feared the house because he committed suicide in the upstairs of their home.  The last scene represents the “haunting” he had over their home for the entirety of it’s being.