In Aristotle’s Ethics, Book I, he discusses happiness and the function of human beings. This entire reading with the questions was confusing, but I think in the end I was able to figure out what was generally going on.

I chose the passage about happiness and the purpose of life because it was especially interesting to me. Aristotle believes that true happiness of the soul comes down to humans finding their function, which is basically an activity that they are meant to do that brings them pleasure. He thinks that if a person is able to find an activity that they are good at and that brings them joy, then they will find true happiness. He also mentions that other qualities that people think have to do with happiness are virtue, intelligence, wisdom, pleasure and external prosperity.

This passage caught my attention because I have always been very interested in what makes up happiness, and the idea that material things cannot make you happy. I agree with Aristotle that you need to find something that makes you happy because with all of the material things in the world a person would still feel lonely without having anything that brings them actual, pure happiness.