Aristotle in this part of the book talks a lot about happiness and how the person can achieve this through function. The person that aims to do good will eventually find happiness. He identifies people have wealth or honor, lives of gratification, political activity and people that study as being able to find a pursue happiness. Not only people that have these four characteristics can find happiness but people that are self sufficient are also able to find happiness since it makes their lives choice worthy and it makes them lack nothing. People that look for happiness do the best good. This was the part of the writing that caught most of my attention. It is always intriguing to find what other people perceive as happiness. Some people seek it through material things, and in this writing, Aristotle accounts that happiness is when people are able to have knowledge and create something good out of it. He also gave a great explanation since he even gave out a formula of what can help us gain happiness. The question of how and what makes humans happy is not an easy question to answer, but Aristotle gave a good explanation of what it could be.