In Bruce Norris’s, Clybourne Park, a major theme that stood out was communication. Throughout the play the characters try to communicate with each other, but they all have trouble getting their points and thoughts across. Another theme that distinctly stood out throughout the entire play was race. The main issue in the first act consisted of a colored family moving into a white neighborhood and in the second act racist jokes were being told by several of the characters which caused huge arguments between characters.

These themes stood out whiling reading the book, however seeing the play made it easier to understand and comprehend. The characters acting out the different scenes made the play have more of a flow and made more sense as to what was happening when the characters got into all of the different arguments. While reading the book, several scenes confused me as to what the characters were arguing about and which character was white or colored.

Overall, Clybourne Park was a well-written play and enjoyable to read and see. Being able to see the play get acted out made it easier to comprehend all the different issues. Many problems in the play that started in the 1960’s, still exist in the world today.