Having the opportunity of seeing the play was different than reading it. When you are in a theater you can feel the mood and, in this case, the tension between the actors and in some way feel what they are feeling. I feel that this is a problem that the north Americans have because of the history that that has experience. This is a problem where he blacks and the whites have failed. This racial problem that follow the United States since the early moments is a problem that has a simple solution, but none of the Americans wants to get there. Racism between black and white people is the main topic of the play. But we are focusing too much on that problem and forgetting another social problem that exists and that we live day by day. The problem of stereotypes. This social problem is actually the main reason of why I am writing this.

Stereotypes thoughts or beliefs that may or may not accurately reflect reality. I don’t know why but in every play or movie most of the time we can see that Latins are the handyman and they don’t know a lot of things or that working in the field is their only function. But this and all stereotypes are wrong and we need to stop believing or saying that they are lazy and stupid. Because LATINS actually try and they are here looking for better opportunities and trying to find money to bring food to their home. Most of the people or immigrants that come to the united states have studied in a university before. But even when they have that they cannot work because is not valid here.
In conclusion, I think that some people need to open their mind a little more. Also, we need to stop using stereotypes to define people because everyone is different and we all have different stories.