After viewing the play, I can honestly say I was able to get more out of it than the reading over the summer. It was no that the book lacked any elements the play had, instead the play gave a new life to the script. Most people believe that the books are always better than any movie or play produced from it, but I do not agree with this specific example.

The dialogue of the play was much different than reading it. Often when reading, I would get slightly lost as to why a character is saying one thing when the other are talking about something completely different. I was able to see on stage how there were actually two different conversations going on and then they would interject into others. I often had to flip between pages to follow one discussion and another. On stage, it was so much easier. The characters themselves were easy to identify between act one and two. I could physically see what actor was playing what character and then the similarities between who they played in the two acts. While reading I could still do this, however not to the extent that I was able to accomplish watching the play.

These two elements caught my attention because of the impact it had on my viewing experience. The first aspect significantly aided me in following what was happening and I am sure it did for my fellow classmates. Also, the passion behind what is said is much clearer with the actors speaking the dialogue rather than me trying to imagine what is stressed and what is not. The transition from one character to the next for the actor significantly helped me with identifying how and why this was the case for the actor. Without these elements the play would not have been as enjoyable and actually helpful in understanding the plot.