The first line in the beginning of Aristotle’s Metaphysics is a significant and relatable point.  “All human beings by nature desire to know.”  All humans are naturally curious people who yearn to learn and know as much as possible.  Along with this point about humans knowledge, the book begins by explaining the difference between a person with experience versus a craftsman.

A person with experience only knows how to do something.  That person knows the end result and how to get to that certain result.  If something were in the way or that person had to find another way to reach that result, he or she would be challenged and would not know the steps how to get to that result.  On the other hand, a craftsman is more reliable and knows exactly how to do something no matter the circumstances.  A craftsman is basically an expert in their field and knows other ways how to get around an obstacle in order to reach the certain result.

I understood this reading because it was easy to differentiate between a person with experience and a craftsman.  These two sorts of people are predominant in the world today and I can even think of examples of people in my life.  I believe all humans should look forward to becoming a craftsman in some subject, whether it is their occupation or a hobby.