Clybourne park was very different from plays I have experienced in the past. What intrigued me was the dialect between the characters on the subject of racism. The way the characters danced around the topic in the first act of the play contrasted the direct and derogatory way characters talked about the issue in the second act. The second act had an impact on me because it reminded me that racism is still an issue today and not something that we have forgotten about in the past.

In the second act of Clybourne Park the characters begin to argue due to the issue of racism in all forms. One of the characters Karl begins to tell racist jokes because he attempts to make a point that racism is still active today and he proves his point because arguments spark up between all the characters on stage. The joke begins to be about racism towards african americans then followed by crude comments against white women and men. Most of the characters leave stage in a state of anger because of how offensive the conversation turned.

These incidents in the play caught my attention because they were incredibly vulgar and proved that racism is still active today. Some people would believe that the issue of racism was handled years ago when the civil war was fought and laws were passed to protect those who were mistreated with words and actions after the war. But the harsh reality is the fact that racism is still an underlying issue contributing to the aggression people feel toward each other in an everyday conversation if they let it.