In book II of Physics, Aristotle offered an intriguing passage about whether matter or form is more primary. Aristotle makes claims on both sides, but eventually comes to the conclusion that form is more primary. He has his reasons and ideas but there are arguments favoring each side. Aristotle established that everything we ever come across is matter and form. He came to the conclusion that matter was the more primary by relating it to substantial change. Form decides what the thing is and the limitations of what something can become. As we said in class, an example of this is an acorn where it can only become an oak tree. This is because the thing it comes from initially limits what that acorn can ever be. This idea was a little perplexing to me because I thought everything had to have matter before form. It now makes sense that for an object to be what it is, the first step must be form. This form will determine how the matter is shaped and the restrictions.