In Aristotle’s Metaphysics, there is a section about how the knowledge of causes is characteristic of wisdom. There are two different types of crafters mentioned in this passage: the manual and the master. This is an analogy for people who are born with a knack for something vs. the people who have to develop the same ability with practice. The master craftsmen produce their products from a natural tendency whereas the manual craftsmen produce their products from habit. The master craftsmen have this ability and are wiser because they know the causes of what is produced. This is different from the manual craftsmen since they only produce without knowing what they produce.

Another way to think of the manual craftsmen is as experienced people. These experienced people ultimately lack wisdom on the basis that they cannot teach. The master craftsmen can teach because teaching requires knowledge. I found this part of the metaphysics reading interesting because it links to the whole idea of first causes. After this reading, one can infer that knowledge of causes cannot be reached through experience, which also rejects the idea of learning about the nature of the world through experience and the senses.