“All humans being by nature desire to know.” Evidence of this is our senses. They give us knowledge of things and help us clarifies many differences among them. This subject of the senses, knowledge, craft and experience caught my attention. Because once you understand the difference between craft and experience you are going to be able to understand how to achieve wisdom that comes to us from our senses.

Wisdom, the quality of having experienced and not only that but to have the senses, the causes and the principles. If we investigate “experience” we are going to see that an experienced person is someone who has knowledge of particulars things. In the other hand, we have the craft person. A worker or a person who have the skilled to make a particular action is a person who maybe don’t have the experience but have the knowledge. Like I said before a wisdom person must be able to describe the causes and the principles of something. Therefore, we say that the craftsman is wiser than the experience man. Because the craftsmen know the causes and the experience just know the facts that something is but they don’t know the reasons or the explanation.