Aristotle says that all humans have the desire to know. He acknowledges that senses our what give us knowledge. The most important being sight, since with sight gives us knowledge and is able to clarify things. Other animals, have sense-perception when they are born and other animals have perception by memory. Humans live by craft and reasoning, while nonhuman animals live by appearances and memories. Craft is when ideas and thoughts come after experience. Humans also learn from experience that come from memory, we can also attain science and craft from memory and experience. This got my attention since I thought we was going to explain the why and not the how. I mostly agree with what Aristotle is saying about how we gain knowledge and that we do desire to gain knowledge. Every human when they are little want to gain knowledge on how to survive. However, I disagreed when he said that sight is the most important sense. In my opinion, all senses are important and they all help us gain knowledge. Some people learn better when they see things and others learn better when they hear about things. All five senses are important and if you can’t see or hear life will be difficult without either one.