The “Women in Business” Panel was an exciting and inspiring event that highlighted the struggles that women face in the business world and mentioned lot of tips and information that everyone can take away. This was fascinating experience because I got to hear from four people who had great advices that I can learn from.

To briefly summarize what was mentioned in the event, it mainly consisted of two major talks – requirements to do in college to succeed in business world and advices for the students. Main thing that the four guest speakers emphasized was to not plan out your career because it will change eventually because of certain circumstances, either family or personal interests. 10 years from now, everyone would have a different life than what you have imagined. Another was a big emphasis on the importance of good writing skills. Along with this, there was information about internships, interviews, resume planning, and networking.

Even though I built a lot of knowledge about career, most striking thing that I earned from this panel was “Don’t plan out your career!” From my perspective, it seems that lot of students are planning all four next years of college, what to do after college, when to get married and when to have kids, and even when to retire and die. Because of this, I feel like most of us, including myself, are limiting ourselves in this pathway but there are unlimited chances and opportunities that we can take. In the future, it would certainly be different than what you have imagined now because there would be changes.