In Aristotle’s book one of metaphysics he discusses how humans rely on their sense of sight more heavily than any other. He goes on to explain that we believe sight to give us clarification on things that we did not previously understand. The reason that this particular part of Aristotle’s reasoning stuck out to me was because of the validity behind the claim.

I believe that it is a part of human nature to rely heavily on the sense of sight. It is almost as if our sense of sight serves as a gateway into the world around us. Our other senses help us to understand things about the world as well, but none of them take in as much information as our sight. This assertion is very compelling because when I reflect on my own life I find myself recollecting that the use of my own sense of sight has usually been for acquiring knowledge and understanding the things around me. Whether that understanding be forming judgment on another based on their appearance or trying to understand the complexities of the night sky, I am using my sense of sight to take in the information.

Finding claims that can make me reflect on my own life always makes the reading much more interesting. It allows me to connect with the text much more than when just reading words on the page.