The passage that caught my attention is in the book of Metaphysics and reads as follows; “All human beings by nature desire to know. A sign of this is our liking for the senses; for even apart from their usefulness we like them for practically all the others, not only as an aid to action, but also when we have no intention of acting. The reason is that sight, more than any of the other senses, gives us knowledge of things and clarifies many differences among them.”

I think this passage is rather easy to understand. Its simply stating that humans use their senses to gather knowledge and that’s why we like experiencing all our senses. They provide us with images, feelings, sounds, smells, and taste that allow us to make conclusions of what is in front of us and is a useful resource when learning.

This caught my attention because I like how relatable it is. I think it is a very easy concept to understand. I personally, enjoy having all my senses being uses. The passage says humans have a desire to know which is very true. We all like being able to see, and when its night time and pitch black out, we panic a little until our eyes can adjust and we know where we are and what is around us.