In Aristotle’s, Metaphysics, Aristotle makes the claim that “experience seems no worse than craft; indeed we even see that experienced people are actually more successful than those who have a rational account but lack experience.” Originally I found this passage confusing and I had to analyze this statement in a more inclusive way. However, after I reflected on this text, I realized what Aristotle was claiming and asserting in this passage.

In this passage, Aristotle directly claims that experienced people are more successful in life, rather than people who are not experienced. When you find the profession that suits you the best, people with experience in that specific field will most likely succeed and go further in their career since they have more knowledge in that area. People who have lack of experience in their profession won’t be as successful due to the lack of knowledge and understanding that they have in their field.

This passage caught my attention because now I have a better understanding of what Aristotle is claiming; the more experience you have, the more successful you’ll be. I agree with Aristotle’s statement because everyone will be more successful in life and in their career if they have more experience, more of an understanding, and knowledge in their profession. Since I know the importance of having experience in order to be successful, I will make certain that I have different experiences and knowledge in my profession.