One particular passage from the assigned reading that interested me was when Aristotle describes the solution about the puzzle of coming to be on page 91.

The context consists of Aristotle proposing the puzzle of earlier philosophers trying to find the truth philosophically along with the nature of beings being diverted.  Aristotle then continues on by saying that, “what comes to be must come to be either from what is or from what is not, and coming to be is impossible from both cases.”  Aristotle then states how earlier philosophers worsened things by also saying that, “there is no plurality, but only being itself.”  Aristotle proposes a solution by saying that we can say things in two different ways.  He compares the whole scenario of something coming to be from nothing or from something to that of a doctor acting upon something, making the next proposal of, “what is acting on something or being acted on,” to compare it with the previous statement.

This passage stood out to me, because it was interesting to read what Aristotle thought of previous claims made by philosophers and his responses in an attempt to solve their puzzles.  This was interesting as he summed up how wrong many other philosophers were with their puzzles and then showed how his were right using comparisons.