Physics: The method of Inquiry


A passage that captured my attention in this reading was “It is also true in the science of nature that our first task is to determine the principles…” I think that our purpose and our task in life is to understand how the world works and by doing that we will archive knowledge. However, first we need to determine and know where we are going to start to archive knowledge.

We archive knowledge every time we ask for information about something that has principles/origin, causes, and elements. This is the scientific knowledge. We start from what is better known and from what express a clear idea. The things that are more perspicuous to us are unable to express clearly and are inarticulate wholes. So we need to articulate them, the elements and principles come to be known from them. We are going to advance from universal a sort of whole that includes many things to particulars that are more detail.

In conclusion, for us to archive knowledge we need to understand what something is and the nature of the thing that we are investigating. We need to advance to what is more perspicuous and better known by nature.