The passage that caught my attention was one about luck and chance. The passage on 105 of Aristotle – Selections, goes as follows: “some people even wonder whether luck and chance exist. For they say that nothing results from luck; rather, everything that is said to result from chance or luck has some definite cause. If, for instance, as a result of luck someone comes to the market-place and finds the person he wanted to meet but did not expect.”

This passage is pretty simple to understand as it just contemplates how much influence chance and luck have in being the cause of something. The passage explains how some people don’t believe in luck or chance, that an action always has a true cause. However, the point being made is that those thoughts are unjustified because luck/chance does exist and is in fact a cause.

I find it interesting that luck and chance are brought into the equation because they do not have substantial support or proof of existence. I think in philosophy, a concrete explanation of things is expected or at least from my perspective, rather than chalking something up to luck. Believing in luck and chance, is what drew my attention to this passage.