In Aristotle’s, Physics, Aristotle makes the claim that “the natural path is to start from what is better known, and more perspicuous to us, and to advance to what is more perspicuous and better known by nature; for what is better known to us is not the same as what is better known without qualification.” Initially I found this passage confusing and I had to analyze this text in a more comprehensive way. However, after I reflected on this text, it made me realize what this passage is stating.

In this passage, Aristotle directly claims that the path where you start from is easily understood and clearly expressed from prior knowledge. As we grow, we advance to what is more perspicuous and we get a better understanding on what is known by nature. Aristotle illustrates that what we know from prior knowledge is not the same unless we have qualification, an accomplishment for a specific job or activity. He also incorporates that the laws of nature are very effective once the act of perspicuous has been achieved.

This passage caught my attention because now I have a better understanding of Aristotle’s claim and how knowledge is portrayed in his eyes.