Aristotle is always an interesting philosopher to read. Most of what he writes/says is confusing to me and I always have a hard time understanding when he starts to explain his point. From what I could understand in this reading is that there are four causes for something (which I think is knowledge). One of the causes is the constituent present of of where a thing comes from. So a statue is made out of silver and bronze and so, the cause of the statue is the genre of silver and bronze. The second form that is a cause is pattern. Like how things are organized. This is the cause that got me confused the most from the rest. The third cause that Aristotle points out is “the source of primary principle of change or stability” (page 102). Meaning where the backgrounds of something that will give it influence. Finally, cause is “something’s end”. So the purpose of something and why was it created, what was the point of something being made? This caught my attention because it was one of the few things that could understand from the text. I also thought how it was interesting because as I read it, I assumed it was talking nature and the causes of nature. I am not sure if was because nature or not, but if it was then it’d be cool to try to understand where the human-made nature came from and why.