Reading Plato’s Phaedo is not at all easy. I feel like he repeats the same thing over and over so much to the point that what I did understand, I don’t anymore because he repeated it so much in so many different forms. Phaedo was really hard to follow along with.

I could understand how a soul is harmony and does not have any evil or wickedness. I also understood Socrates points about Anaxagoras’ assertion that the Mind directs everything but how Anaxagoras failed to explain the true cause of it. Anaxagoras mentions the causes of other things – air, fire, water – but not the real cause of why the Mind causes everything. Socrates makes this universal by explain how he is sitting. Socrates explains the mechanics, his skin, bones, stretching allowing him to sit, but does not explain the real, unphysical reason he is sitting there.

Then I got lost again as Socrates explains how this are things because they are of the thing. Like, something is beautiful because it is by the beautiful. I felt like Socrates was trying to define something by using what he was trying to define in the definition. The constant repetition of words made it so difficult to reach his purpose and reasoning and even understand the argument itself.

I did understand his point about how the soul cannot be destroyed. For, when something is destroyed it dies, but the soul never dies, therefore the soul is indestructible. When death comes to the body the body is destroyed but the soul does not die and continues to live. Socrates uses this to explain how we must take care of our souls because they last forever. They do not die when death hits the body so we must care for our souls because there is no escape from evil or salvation – because there is no death.