Socrates’ claim about the Theory of Form that there exists such thing as itself by itself was particularly interesting to me. This is fascinating because it solves the universal issues that could not be shown through reasoning.

Socrates notes that he had passion for natural sciences in studying the causation but this led him to get confused and to doubt everything he has learnt so far. He was “unlearning everything. ” He then comes up with a theory that solves this confusion of the causation of anything. He proposes that there is Beauty in itself, Good in itself and Great in itself. The answer to question, how is this beautiful would be because it contains the Form of Beauty. This goes same for the Form of Tallness, and the Form of Shortness. Moreover, the Form of Duality is a solution to Socrates’ perplexing thought on how could it be both addition and division that caused the number to be two.

Some other philosophers have faced problems on explaining the causes for universal issues. Aristotle have noted that the explanation of universal ideas come from induction that builds up from experience. On the other hand, Socrates develops a different aspect to this by proposing a theory. The contrary explanation of the development of definition of universally held idea was interesting to me. Even though finding answers to common ideas are complicated, the simplicity and straight- forwardness of the theory was fascinating.