Now that Socrates is about to be put to death, death is the topic that they are all talking about. How happens when a person dies? Most importantly, what happens to the soul go? They argue that the soul is important and only the body dies. The guardian spirit leads each person to go to a certain place where they are destined. There is no way to get rid of the bad or good things that we have done, because it follows us with our soul wherever we go. The body that is attached to the body will hover around it, suffering. While the intellectual will not where it will go, but still follows the guide. And people that have lived a well moderate life will follow companions to go with. This is the part that caught most my interest because it relates to what is going on right now. Socrates and his students and friends all have mixed feelings over Socrates’ death. Socrates here is able to explain one of the reasons that he is not afraid to face his punishment. Not only will his soul, in his opinion, is immortal but he also believes that we probably thinks that we will only encounter good, since he has not done evil things for it to follow him.