In Phaedo, a passage that interested me was right in the beginning when Plato is talking about how when he was younger he was interested in the scientific meanings of everything. He said that he wanted to know the causes of everything, why it comes to be, how it perishes, and why it exists. However he soon realized that this type of thinking was not right for him.

He realized that this thinking was not right for him because he soon began to doubt everything that he knew and was thinking about scientific things in much more complex matters. It says in the passage that he unlearned everything that he once knew because he began to think of everything in a deeper way, he even started to doubt that 1+1=2. It is the mathematic rules and principles that make 1+1=2, but Plato began to think about if it was the brain that did that, or even our senses.

The reason this passage interested me and chose me is because it shows us a little about how Plato became interested in philosophy. He started off with science and knowing things by cold hard facts and that is what he was into in childhood, and then all of a sudden he slowly began to think more about the meaning of things and that is when he started to think philosophically, which is why I chose this passage.