A passage that caught my attention while reading Plato’s Phaedo was about half way through the reading. In this passage, Socrates, as always, is defending himself in an argument. Him and Cebes are arguing about death, but more so the soul. 

Again, Socrates and Cebes are arguing about life and the soul. Socrates brings up a very controversial point in saying that the soul never dies, even when death is brought upon a person. In addition to this, Socrates says that basically the deathless are indestructible. Cebes agrees and Socrates follows up by saying, “… If we agreed that the deathless is indestructible, the soul, besides being deathless, is indestructible”(144). All in all, Socrates is basically saying that we, as humans, never die, which a lot of people would see as controversial, including myself. 

This passage really gave me something to think about. I try not to think about the negatives in life such as death, but this idea that Socrates puts forth about us never dying. As a catholic, I do believe in heaven, but I never thought of it as the soul just leaving the body to go somewhere else in which we will still live. So if we never die, what is the next step after heaven? Just some food for thought.