While reading A Presocratic Reader I came across an interesting quote that reads “All who have persuaded or who persuade anyone of anything do so by fashioning false logos” (148). I found this part of the text to be very intriguing because it is such a bold statement.

I feel that this passage is trying to say that anyone who tries to give explanation uses false reasoning. After reading it thoroughly I came to understand what the writer is trying to convey, but I still do not understand why he believes this statement to be valid. While it is true that reasoning used to persuade another can be false I do not believe that this is a standard that must be true of every situation. In my opinion the writer did not give a concrete foundation on which to base his claims about this assertion. Or perhaps it was just said in a way that I cannot comprehend. If given a good explanation that I could comprehend then I think that I would be more inclined to believe this statement. But my inability to understand the information does not take away from the gravity of the statement.

I would like to give this statement more thought and more consideration in order to truly understand what it is being said. The way the line is delivered is very confusing, but I believe further analysis can bring out the secrets behind it’s words.